Saturday, January 22, 2011

Check Please...

So, when did the microwave take over as how food is prepared in "good" restaurants? I've been to various restaurants where my food was definitely heated in a microwave. You can just tell when the food is way hotter then any stove or oven could produce.
Most recently was a visit to Marie Calendars Bakery and Resaurant. We ordered Fish and Chips and it came with cornbread....mmmm cornbread. This was no ordinary cornbread. It came to the table practically on fire it was soo hot and soooo dry and no flavor it was basically a brick of dough. I almost expect this from a fastfood joints, but sitdown or "nice" restaurantts? WTF!?
Bottom Line: Quit cutting corners and cook the food fresh, it'll get people coming back for more...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Ok, usually cupcakes are awesome! Here's where I have a problem with today's cupcakes.
The frosting...most of the places where you'll find a great tasting cupcake, ruin the thing by adding as much frosting as there is cake. Who does that?
When you make a cake you don't have as much frosting as there is cake (see image) it would be ridiculous, who would eat that?
So why do it to a matter how great the frosting is, that's just too much.
Bottom Line: Easy on the frosting people...quit ruining a good thing.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Have it your way....Molten!

So I go into a burger king for a whopper, which used to be my favorite of the fastfood burger chains. I finally get it, sit down, unwrap it....and there it is. But there's a problem, they seemed to have replaced my whopper with a ball of molten lava.

I open it up and the buns are basically soaked with moisture and extrememly HOT. I expect the meat to be fairly hot, but not everything else. The lettuce, tomatos and all the condiments are basically molten lava.

Turns out, they microwave their burgers after every ingredient is added....WTF?

What ever happened to the fresh flame broiled whopper? I guess they do that the week before they servre it, then let the burgers sit there then pop them in the microwave when there's an order.

So, I took it up to the counter and asked for a new one, told them the buns were soaked and I just didn't want it....not to mention the burger looked like it was sitting around for days already prepared..."Have it your way right?"

Got a wierd look and attitude, and then they started talking about it in spanish amongst themselves. I guess they didn't realize I can understand them. So I get my 2nd one....Exactly the same, old looking burger and right out of the microwave, hot throughout.

Bottom Line: If I could 'Have it my way' I would have all those Burger King employees replaced.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Biggest Submarine Sandwich Ever....sigh...

Ok, let me start by saying, almost nothing beats a great Italian Sub, and when I find one, I'll let you know.

Here's the problem, and this happened to me recently. Driving around we decided to stop at this tiny place, a true 'hole in the wall' with a sign that said 'Submarine Sandwiches'. I was like....'perfect, let's stop!' Looked at their menu...only subs, nothing else! I thought, 'great, they must make amazing subs since that's all they serve"

So there we are waiting in line(a short line...hmm) and I'm seeing other peoples sandwiches getting made and they are HUGE! They looked good, good amount of meat, a ton of toppings(pickles, tomatoes and onions) Sounds good right? Now with this picture perfect sub, I unwrapped it and took a bite....instant disappointment. The bread (which is very important, imo) was basically stale, the cold and the ton o' toppings...way too much.

This is among many places I've been to where they serve huge sandwiches thinking it's all about quantity and not quality.

I guess it's back to Subway for now....sigh...

Bottom Line: Still looking for a great italian sub and it is all about Quality, not quantity. Any suggestions?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Designer Blind Spots?

Ok, those glasses with the thick arms, what's up with those things? It's like self inflicted 'tunnel vision'

I have a couple reasons why they aren't a good design...

First thing is driving safety, while driving, you already have a blind spot with your vehicle, now you are making another blind spot while wearing these glasses with, basically, a wall around your eyes.

Next is just personal safety, you can't really see around you at all, you really have no peripheral vision. Which means you can't see any person approaching you from any side, other then straight. I wonder if muggers look for people wearing these things.

Bottom line: Don't be dumb, pay attention to your surroundings...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

um...Car Key Hostage?

Ok, Yahoo recently posted the Top 5 Car Dealer Scams to Avoid...

This was number 2...

2. Confiscation:

Whatever you do, don't give up your keys to your current vehicle - even if the "used car manager" asks for them to asses the car for it's trade-in value, even if the sales manager asks for them as collateral while taking a test drive. If negotiations should go amiss, it's impossible to walk out on the deal if you have no way to start your car.

Are you telling me that a dealer would take your keys and not give them up until you buy a car from them? Are you serious, I can't believe Yahoo would even post such BS. I'd like to see a dealer take my car hostage until I signed a deal with them, I'd really like to see that.

Bottome Line: WTF!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Super Strength?

Ok, Krazy great! But here's the thing about this ad, there's no way this guy can support his own weight by squeezing his arms on a hat...while smiling?
I bet he can't even do one pull up! LOL!
Just had to say something about this,
always thought it was a dumb ad.
Bottom Line: Who cares...glue stuff.